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Autodata available at Burson

01 10 2012

A taste of the Autodata system has become a Burson shelf item, whereby technicians can simply buy a low cost card to solve a current workshop car problem.

If they like what they see, on-going membership of Autodata will be automatic, with no need to go through the conventional join-up routine.

The Burson cards are called ‘60 day starters’. For a low $45, Burson customers will get 60 days of Autodata Online, and that’s about a quarter of the normal price.

“We’re just trying to make things simple for everyone. We now have the technology, and we believe the technicians will appreciate the convenience of being able to buy their immediate solution off the shelf, with an option to keep using it if they like it.” says Autodata Managing Director, Brett Engeman.

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