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Burson Auto Parts – Committed to Training Excellence

07 03 2014

Training and development is an integral part of the Burson Auto Parts success story. The Australian company’s emphasis on its people and coaching extends to all levels of the company from senior management, store management, store staff, sales representatives and most importantly, together with Burson Auto Parts trade customers and suppliers.

From developing managerial expertise at store level all the way through to the company’s executive management, Burson Auto Parts has created a regular series of tailored training and development programs. These have proven to be highly effective in broadening the skills of the company’s staff, while also being of significant benefit to the company’s trade customers along with new talent joining the industry, such as automotive technician apprentices.

In line with the company’s rapid growth, Burson Auto Parts recognised the need for a tailored and practical training program to further develop management capabilities at the store management level.

According to Peter Ruffy, Burson Auto Parts Human Resources Manager, “We have achieved significant improvements across the Burson Auto Parts store network as a direct result of our commitment to store manager training and development. The well-focussed business program  is designed to take our people from being store managers to being the CEO’s of their stores. Our development package covers leadership, teamwork and team dynamics, business management techniques, along with finance and accounting. The program also has a strong emphasis on sales, marketing and customer service.”

“We also challenge our people to find solutions to complex, companywide business issues. This is done through project work assigned to small regional teams, to ensure that each store is operating to its maximum potential, virtually autonomously. The outcomes and recommendations of the project work is presented to the CEO, providing a great opportunity for store managers to contribute across the company,” Mr Ruffy added.

The Burson Auto Parts commitment to training continues beyond the stores and head office staff to include the company’s sales representatives who take part in company training sessions along with supplier training sessions. Many supplier training sessions are conducted in line with major regional trade shows and exhibitions. These are valuable opportunities for Burson Auto Parts team members to spend extended time with its suppliers and gain important additional product, warranty and general knowledge to assist them in their daily customer facing roles.

“Burson Auto Parts is pro-active in working hand in hand with our many product suppliers by hosting supplier training sessions for company staff and trade customers. These sessions are usually held outside of business hours and involve supplier technical staff to provide much more in depth technical product information. This ensures that our staff and their trade customers gain knowledge behind the technical and engineering advantages of these automotive components or workshop equipment products included in the vast Burson Auto Parts range,” Burson Auto Parts NSW Regional Manager Richard Rindfleish said.

“These training sessions also serve to clearly outline the advantages of using premium quality products along with correct fitment techniques to prolong component life and reduce the occurrences of product returns. This in turn translates to customer satisfaction both for the automotive repairer’s end customers and for Burson Auto Parts trade customers,” Mr Rindfleish stated.

The Burson Auto Parts commitment to training has been extended to a much wider audience of technicians, from apprentices to senior technicians and mechanics, with the Australian company being the first to embrace the unique TaT (The Automotive Technician) training programs. This involves the sharing of actual vehicle case studies with fellow technicians. This led to the creation of the Burson Auto Parts supported Gurus in the Garage program, an innovative training program that finds technicians spending a whole weekend working on problem vehicles in the company of senior TaT trainers in private automotive workshops around the country. The program concentrates on the advanced use of the latest electronic tools and provides Burson Auto Parts regional managers with the opportunity to interface with existing and potential customers in a stimulating environment where products from the Burson Auto Parts tools and equipment range are also put to work.

According to Burson Auto Parts CEO Darryl Abotomey, “Training is without any doubt one of the most important parts of our business philosophy at Burson Auto Parts. We provide and encourage training at all levels of our business operations and extend that philosophy to our valued trade customers as well. We are constantly encouraged by trade customer attendances to our supplier based training sessions, which clearly displays how valuable this information is for them as automotive technologies continue to evolve. Our training programs are also indispensable in constantly striving to improve both our internal and customer facing operations.”

Burson Auto Parts is Australia’s largest trade-focussed supplier of automotive aftermarket parts, accessories and workshop equipment. The company is proudly Australian owned and operated.

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