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Burson Auto Parts Covers All Vehicle Care Needs With The Chemtech Range

01 07 2012

Burson Auto Parts offers a premium quality Australian made product range for all heavy duty vehicle care and protection needs.

The Chemtech range was first developed in 1982 and continues to lead the way in vehicle maintenance and cleaning solutions, supplying high quality washes, lubricants, fuel additives, degreasers, wheel & tyre care products, protectants, foam guns and more.

The Chemtech range has been developed to meet the demands of extreme climatic and environmental conditions faced by vehicle owners. This quality range delivers reliable performance, value for money and unrivalled care and protection for all types of vehicles.

A popular choice for Burson Auto Parts’ customers is the Chemtech CT18 Superwash.

This product was developed by identifying the specific characteristics of Australian soils, so it doesn’t get more home grown than this. One key element of most soil is calcium, so the Chemtech laboratory team developed a formula that penetrates calcium based soils and lifts them off metal surfaces. Once lifted, the dirt is suspended by the formula so it can be rinsed off without leaving any residue. Importantly, the Chemtech CT18 ingredients are balanced so the pH level is neutral. This ensures that the paintwork is not subjected to a caustic or acidic attack. Also of note is the fact that Vehicle paintwork often has micro pin holes or micro cracks in it which are invisible to the eye. Chemtech CT18 Superwash from Burson Auto Parts contains corrosion inhibitors to ensure that these pin holes and cracks are not intensified and remain protected.

This is one of several Chemtech products that has been made to deliver for Burson Auto Parts customers. To find out more contact your local store by calling 1300 287 766

For further information contact Paul Marinelli, Marinelli PR – 03 9387 1333.

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