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02 10 2017

Burson Auto Parts has expanded the Australian company’s own brand of premium quality engine coolants.

The Burson coolant range has offered repairers high quality coolant formulations for decades. In order to meet the specific requirements of several vehicle manufacturers, and in continuing to set the industry standard for outstanding technical performance, Burson Auto Parts has expanded its coolant offering with products that have been specifically formulated to meet the chemistry and performance requirements of Japanese and Korean vehicles.

There are a number of key objectives that well formulated engine coolants need to achieve. They must be highly effective at transferring heat, while also protecting against corrosion and freezing (where required). Properly formulated, high quality engine coolants reduce required system maintenance and extend the lifetime of automotive engines.

The introduction of the new Burson Long Life Blue and Pink Coolants ensures that repairers have access to coolant formulations that have been specifically developed for Japanese and Korean vehicles, with a unique chemistry that makes them compatible with the service and factory fill long life coolants manufactured by Japanese and Korean OEMs.

These new Burson coolants are the first Australian made products in the Australian aftermarket to be specifically designed and recommended for Japanese and Korean vehicles.  Based on a state of the art phosphated Organic Additive Technology (P-OAT) inhibitor package, the new Burson blue and pink coolants not only meet the hybrid chemistry requirements of Japanese and Korean OEMs, they also exceed both ASTM D3306 and JIS K 2234-2006 Class II industry standards for corrosion protection.

The new blue and pink Burson coolant products also provide up to 5 years or 250,000km of service protection and are silicate, borate, nitrite and amine free. These coolants will provide exceptional protection for all cooling system metals, including aluminium and ferrous alloys. The new products are available in both blue and pink formulations to promote colour compatibility with the relevant OEM factory fill coolant.

The new Burson Long Life Blue Coolant and Long Life Pink Coolant add to the industry leading Burson engine coolant range, which also includes the Burson Long Life Organic Coolant (red-coloured), Burson Long Life Coolant (green-coloured), Burson Pre-Mixed Coolant (green-coloured), and Burson Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor (a Type “B” glycol-free corrosion inhibitor).

Burson Long Life Organic Coolant is a red-coloured, universal engine coolant concentrate that is suitable for passenger cars, 4WD’s, light commercials, trucks, buses and heavy duty diesel and gas engines. This coolant is based on cutting edge Organic Additive Technology (OAT) inhibitors that will provide up to 8 years or 1,000,000km of service protection for heavy duty engines.

This premium quality Australian made coolant product meets or exceeds a wide range of industry and OEM performance specifications, including AS 2108-2004 Type “A”, ASTM D3306, ASTM D6210, Cummins CES 14439, Ford WSSM97B44-D, GM 6277M, Komatsu 07.892 and MB 325.3.

Burson Long Life Organic Coolant has been tested against and exceeds the ASTM industry coolant standard for heavy duty engines, ASTM D6210, making it perfect for heavy duty engine applications. This coolant is free of nitrites, nitrates, amines, phosphates, silicates and borates.

The Burson range also includes fully formulated, low-silicate hybrid technology coolants, comprising the green-coloured Burson Long Life Coolant Concentrate and Burson Pre-Mixed Coolant. These products are cost-effective, multi-purpose coolants suitable for early and most late model petrol, diesel and gas passenger cars, 4WD’s, light commercials and trucks. These AS 2108-2004 Type “A” coolants offer up to 5 years or 650,000km of service protection for trucks and buses. They will provide excellent corrosion protection for all system metals, including aluminium, and are also free of nitrates, amines and phosphates.

The Burson Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor is suitable for petrol engine passenger cars and light commercial vehicles where freeze protection is not required. This coolant is ideal for early model vehicles (manufactured before 2001) and offers up to 3 years or 60,000km of service protection. The product meets Australian Standard AS 2108-2004 Type “B” and Ford Australia Specification ESR-FM7C35-C, and only 500ml is required to treat a 10 litre system.

According to Burson Auto Parts Product Manager, Gareth Walker, “There is so much more to coolant than just the colour of the fluid, the formulations are critical to ensure maximum protection for modern engines. Burson now has a full engine coolant offering to ensure that our customers use the right premium quality coolant for the vehicles they are servicing.”

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