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Burson Auto Parts keeps you well equipped for Air Conditioner Compressor Lubricant Testing

07 08 2012

August 7, 2012 – Burson Auto Parts recognises that the servicing and maintenance of automotive air conditioning systems is imperative to the comfort and safety of motorists. As the leading cause of air conditioning compressor failure is the lack of lubrication, tools which quickly and easily enable repairers to check air conditioner compressor oil levels are essential for workshops ahead of the busy summer months.

All automotive air conditioning systems lose oil and coolant gas each year from various components including compressor front seals, barrier hoses and O-rings among others.

For repairers to easily check lubrication levels during regular servicing, Burson Auto Parts provides a cost efficient testing kit that provides immediate visual results in less than 30 seconds.

The ProStream air conditioning compressor lubrication level test is the first disposable device that enables repairers to evaluate and check lubricant levels in seconds. This enables repairers to recommend and carry out air conditioning servicing ahead of the warmer months. This also ensures that failures don’t take place when the comfort of air conditioning is most needed by your customers.

The ProStream test kit, part number 480300TREAT, enables repairers to check the quantity of refrigerant lubricant along with the condition of the refrigerant oil. The kit includes an air conditioning injection gun, an R143a low side hose, an R12 Conversion adaptor, four 30mil. Performance treatments, 12 disposable A/C oil checker recovery modules and one permanent A/C oil checker device.

Burson Auto Parts have your workshop covered for air conditioner servicing ahead of this summer with the SAE J-2297 Certified ProStream air conditioning lubricant testing kit. To find out more contact your local Burson Auto Parts store on 1300 287 766.

For further information contact Paul Marinelli, Marinelli PR – 03 9387 1333.

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