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Burson Auto Parts offers vast premium quality lubricant range

01 09 2012

Burson Auto Parts, now with 100 stores and still growing, has enjoyed a highly successful twenty year association with its lubricant partner, PEAK Lubricants. This has ensured that Burson Auto Parts delivers automotive workshops, the industrial sector, heavy vehicle and DIY enthusiasts with the right specification lubricant at true value pricing.

Burson Synthetic engine oils have become a rapid growth product category for the company, meeting the ever expanding requirement for passenger car oils suitable for the latest specification vehicles entering the aftermarket. Burson 5W30 C3 Full Synthetic and 10W40 Semi Synthetic are amongst the most popular with both the trade and DIY sectors.

These high quality lubricant products have been engineered to perform to the expectations of the most discerning motorists and are highly credentialed for maximum vehicle application coverage. Burson 5W30 C3 Full Synthetic is suited for use in the majority of petrol engine applications (including the latest models) as well as the majority of the latest high performance and light commercial diesel engines. Burson 5W30 C3 Full Synthetic is also suited to engines that are fitted with high tech emission control devices such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

Burson 5W30 C3 Full Synthetic and Burson 10W40 Semi Synthetic are two of a vast range of Burson quality lubricants that includes products to suit the trucking, agricultural, construction and industrial vehicle markets.

Through its own Burson Oil private label products and thanks to the technical expertise of PEAK Lubricants, Burson Auto Parts brings the latest, special or high performance specification lubricants to the aftermarket quickly, far quicker in fact than the major multi-national brands.

There isn’t an engine oil, grease, solvent, coolant or fluid that Burson Auto Parts cannot supply automotive repairers and DIY enthusiasts along with a dedicated Burson Oil Help Line (need number here) to ensure that the right lubricant is recommended or purchased for the right vehicle.

Burson Auto Parts also offers repairers with a variety of options for workshop lubricant requirements, ranging from one litre to 20 litre containers to ensure that Burson Oil’s value is matched by total customer convenience.

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