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Burson Auto Parts Offers X-TremeVision+100% Replacement Light Globes

01 07 2012

July 2012 – Some of the most regularly replaced or upgraded parts on a vehicle are its headlight globes. A visit to any of the 100 strong Burson Auto Parts stores across the country will provide access to one of the most powerful automotive aftermarket globes available, the outstanding Phillips X-tremeVision +100%.

The Philips X-tremeVision +100% is the flagship of high performance upgrade globes. Phillips’ initial aftermarket upgrade globe offered +50% more light, then there was +80% more light, and now an amazing +100% more light provided by a state of the art halogen globe. This equates to a beam length of up to 35 metres more distance and double the illumination on the road over a standard headlight globe. Not only is there more light, but it is also a whiter light and the globe has a longer life compared to its standard rivals.

The increased light output and longer life is due to several improvements to Philips Quartz Glass Technology. Philips quartz glass can withstand extremely high gas pressures of up to 100% more than standard globes. The globe is designed using a high precision filament construction along with a high performance, compact burner which increases light output and extends the globe’s life, far beyond that of many other replacement globes.

The Phillips X-tremeVision +100% replacement globe from Burson Auto Parts also boasts lead and mercury free technology that ensures it meets the latest international environmental standards, while also being ADR certified and homologated.

A vehicle’s headlamps are also enhanced with better looks when the X-tremeVision +100% replacement globe is fitted, as it also features an eye catching chrome top with a blue ring around the collar which increases the colour temperature to ensure a whiter, cleaner light.

According to Craig Magill, Burson Auto Parts General Manager, Sales and Marketing,

“I recently upgraded my own car’s headlight globes and was stunned at the difference that the Phillips X-tremeVision +100% globes make. Until you have experienced the difference by upgrading your own vehicle globes, you can’t fully appreciate just how much clearer and safer night driving can be. I highly recommend them.”

Burson Auto Parts has been providing premium quality, major brand replacement parts for the Australian automotive aftermarket since 1971. Known as The Parts Professionals, every Burson Auto Parts store is run by a team of professionals whose extensive technical knowledge ensures that their customers receive the right products for any specific workshop or enthusiast application.

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