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Burson Auto Parts sales team move into new Tablet Technology

15 02 2013

It’s a common problem seen in many businesses. Sales reps visit customers, write orders on sheets of paper, and then have to return to the office to enter the stock order into the internal system.

Burson Auto Parts realised it could better service its customers and improve workflow processes, by putting mobile tablet devices in the hands of sales representatives and implementing the MomentumPro Mobility solution provided by Markinson Business Solutions.

Craig Magill, Burson Auto Part’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing, said “we wanted a solution where sales representatives could access prices for individual accounts, and search for products and place orders direct from a customer’s premises.

“Removing the need for handling pieces of paper multiple times provides greater accuracy because people aren’t making mistakes trying to read someone’s writing, or trying to remember details from earlier in the day”, said Craig Magill.

Burson had already been using Markinson’s MomentumPro ERP system for over 10 years. The ability to access the live system anywhere anytime is provided by the Mobility module, which is designed to work on any tablet device.

The Mobility solution has proven very user-friendly for Burson. “The reps all say the same thing – that it’s just so easy to use. That’s really come back strongly. I had feedback from one rep who started using it and he said ‘it’s so simple and straightforward to use’. It’s just going to be a great tool for everyone,” said Burson’s Rob Watts, Project Manager of the Mobility implementation.

Importantly, Burson is able to better service its customers. Products are now picked as soon as the order is taken at the customer’s premises, and delivered on the next run. “One of our customers told a rep that his last order was delivered within an hour of the rep leaving the premises”, said Rob Watts. “They told our rep ‘that’s just fantastic service; we’ve never seen anyone be able to deliver that to us so quickly before.”

Electronically-enabling sales reps has had unexpected benefits for Burson and its customers. Rob Watts said a sales rep was unaware that certain products were sold by Burson. “He was visiting a customer who asked for the products, so he searched for them on the system while with the customer. He was able to make a sale on these products that he didn’t even know we had.”

Another customer had a faulty product, and the sales rep was able to take a photo of it with his tablet and email it directly to the supplier on the spot. Rob Watts explained “it’s a lot simpler just to have one tablet device to do all this on rather than multiple devices the reps were previously using.”

Markinson’s CEO, Ian Whiting said Mobility will become the standard for all businesses in the coming years. “Businesses without the ability to work outside of their office will be increasingly left behind, as their competitors become more flexible and efficient with improved work processes that allow for better servicing of customers.”

To see the full details, visit the Burson Auto Parts Mobility Case Study or for more information about Markinson’s MomentumPro Mobility solution, visit or call 1300 137 729.

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