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09 08 2017

Burson Auto Parts’ commitment to provide Australian automotive repairers with the highest quality and value packed workshop equipment continues with the introduction of the world’s most trusted hoist range to the Burson Equipment range.

Established in the USA back in 1925, the premium quality Rotary Hoist brand has been a forerunner in automotive workshop hoist design for decades.  With sales of the famed Rotary two post hoist exceeding one million units to date, Rotary Hoists have become synonymous with successful automotive workshops all over the world.

The Rotary name came about as the first hoist to bear the premium quality American marque could be rotated a full 360 degrees, enabling vehicles to be driven in and out of repair bays in forward gear. More than 90 years on from this revolutionary automotive workshop hoist design, Rotary has become the world leader in vehicle hoist design and engineering.

Burson Equipment offers Australian automotive repairers a wide variety of Rotary Hoists in configurations to suit every vehicle, from motorcycles through to all manner of cars, SUV’s four wheel drives and heavy duty trucks. No other hoist brand offers such a vast range of products to cater for every possible automotive repairer requirement.

Innovations include Rotary’s two post hoist TRIO arms that allow quicker spotting, easier manoeuvrability and a larger pick up sweep.

Workshop safety is the utmost priority with all Rotary hoists from Burson Equipment. There are no compromises in the company’s strict quality control during the design, manufacture and testing of each Rotary hoist model. Rotary places each new hoist design through a minimum of 20,000 rigorous performance test cycles before being released,  well above industry testing standards, to provide automotive repairers with hoist products that have no peer when it comes to safety, quality, efficiency and reliability.

Backing Rotary’s total quality is a dedicated national service network, providing prompt access to spare parts if required, backed by a three year warranty.

The national Burson Equipment team is at your service to ensure that your business receives detailed advice and support when selecting the right Rotary hoist investment for each workshop specialisation.

According to Burson Equipment Manager Jim Santef, this premium quality hoist range represents the absolute best in quality and safety.

“The ranges of hoist products offered by Rotary are a truly outstanding addition to the Burson Equipment offering.  Whether our customers are working on cars, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles and equipment – whatever the application, Rotary has the world leading quality hoist to suit. We look forward to assisting our customers to access the highest standards in automotive workshop hoist technology and efficiency with the Rotary range,” Mr Santef stated.

A full Rotary Hoist catalogue is now available from Burson Equipment, bringing access to the next generation of automotive workshop hoists to your fingertips.

Contact Burson Equipment on 1300 BURSON (287 766) or visit Rotary hoists online at to find out more.

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