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February 24, 2017 – The Burson Equipment team alerts automotive repairers of the need to check and replace vehicle hoists to best enhance workplace safety.


Vehicle hoist component wear and construction deterioration is becoming more prevalent given the significant changes in average vehicle weight over recent years. The vast increase in the numbers of much heavier 4WD, SUV and commercial vehicles being driven on our roads is placing greater than ever demands on vehicle hoists. The hundreds of vehicle hoist operating cycles each week or month in any typical automotive workshop, make hoists particularly susceptible to wear and deterioration over time.


Peak workplace safety authority, Worksafe, recently conducted an automotive workshop inspection program that included 325 workplaces. Worksafe issued notices for the repair or replacement of 472 vehicle hoists as a result of this one inspection program. This has raised major concern for the condition of many older vehicle hoists currently in operation across the entire country.


If your workshop vehicle hoists are showing signs of wear or are not operating to their peak efficiency, the only way to ensure complete vehicle hoist safety is with new replacement. This coupled with the taxation advantages that come with replacing workshop equipment, makes affordable hoist replacement a key consideration with Burson Equipment.


The national Burson Equipment team can provide you with high quality hoist replacement options led by the Summit ST45000M clear floor, two post vehicle hoist. This wide body hoist has a generous 4,500 kilogram lift capacity while still being versatile enough to lift smaller passenger vehicles, all the way through to 4WD and light commercials.


Meeting stringent Australian safety standards, the Summit ST4500M vehicle hoist from Burson Equipment features low profile three stage load arms with solid automatic arm locks, electric up lift and manual lowering, asymetric design, two stage load pads, pick up extensions, dual hydraulic rams, twin balance cables and a quality powder coat finish.


Additional features of the Summit ST4500M vehicle hoist include a padded roof bar with an automatic limit switch to prevent damage to high vehicles, while the extra wide post design enables easy entering and exiting of the vehicle when it is in the correct lifting position.


At the value price of $3,995 ex GST, the Summit ST4500M is available exclusively from Burson Equipment and represents outstanding value for the enhancement of workshop safety, while also providing increased multi-sized vehicle servicing productivity.


To find out more about this and any workshop equipment requirements, contact the Burson Equipment team on 1300 287 766.