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Hoist Hanger – now available exclusively through Burson Auto Parts

02 07 2013

Burson Auto Parts exclusively presents what is without doubt the most obvious and ingenious automotive workshop safety device for Australian automotive repairers, tyre fitters and panel beaters, the HoistHanger.

The HoistHanger, which is exclusively available from Burson Auto Parts, is a leading device for the enhancement of workplace safety for automotive repair workshops. This innovative product significantly reduces back strain and repetitive strain injury for automotive technicians who constantly remove and replace vehicle wheels and tyres.

For about as long as workshop technicians have been hoisting cars into the air to work on them, they have also been forced to lift wheels and tyres up and down from vehicles at chest height or higher. Until now, there has never been any assistance provided to deal with the constant lifting and lowering of wheels and tyres from cars.

If an automotive technician is servicing just five to six cars per day and is removing the wheels from each one of them, that is a total of some 48 wheels being lifted up and down each day. With an average weight of 35kg each, that makes a total of 1,680kg of bent-over position lifting each and every day.

It therefore should come at no surprise that back injuries and repetitive strain injuries are up there with the top causes of sick days in the automotive repair industry. Given this statistic and considering all the other lifting devices used in automotive workshops, it is surprising that it has taken until now for such an obvious workshop safety accessory as the HoistHanger to be introduced.

The simple yet extremely effective HoistHanger workshop safety accessory from Burson Auto Parts virtually eliminates all unnecessary heavy lifting, significantly increasing safety as well as technician productivity. How it works is very simple, the HoistHanger is fitted to a workshop’s two post hoist quickly and easily.

Then when the technician removes a wheel, he simply hangs the wheel on the HoistHanger and does not need to bend down to place it on the ground, nor to bend down again to lift the wheel onto the car. The wheel always remains at hoist height, making it much easier to access and virtually eliminating any chance of damaged rims resulting from them being left on the ground and having such things as tools or automotive chemicals fall onto them.

More importantly, by eliminating the unnecessary lifting required with removing and replacing wheels, technician safety is optimised and technician fatigue is also greatly reduced, resulting in higher productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Burson Auto Parts exclusively stocks the unique HoistHanger workshop accessory for direct fitment to Powerrex, Summit, Whip, Molnar, Tecalemit, Heshbon and Bendpak hoist models along with others. The HoistHanger is available in a variety of dimensions to suit most two post hoists in repair, tyre specialist and panel repair workshop use across Australia.

Each HoistHanger unit conveniently folds out of the way alongside each hoist lift arm when not in use, making it a non-intrusive workshop safety accessory. When in use, the HoistHanger also clearly displays to customers that every care is taken to ensure that expensive wheel rims are not damaged when repair work is taking place, by keeping them off the ground.

According to Burson Auto Parts General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Craig Magill, the HoistHanger is a product that is absolutely essential for every Australian automotive workshop.

“Any product that enhances technician safety is important for any repairer. The simple yet highly effective HoistHanger workshop accessory fits most popular hoists and has been designed with one primary goal, which is to virtually eliminate back strain and injuries resulting from the constant lifting of wheels and tyres from hoist height to the floor and back up again, several times per day and many hundreds of times per year by each technician.”

“By fitting the HoistHanger to workshop hoists, business owners are making their workshops as safe as possible, while also increasing productivity,” Craig added.

The HoistHanger is available exclusively from all 109 Burson Auto Parts stores across Australia

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