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The Burson Equipment Team Recommends Smoking!

16 12 2016


December, 2016 – The Burson Auto Parts Equipment team makes many trusted recommendations to its trade customers relating to the selection of premium quality workshop equipment and related servicing requirements every day.

The latest message from the Burson Equipment team recommends smoking as a solution for repairers. With modern vehicles becoming more complex and difficult to diagnose, the old approaches of detecting leaks within manifolds, air-conditioning systems and exhaust systems can be extremely time consuming. Old school methods of spraying aerosols around an operating intake manifold are nothing short of downright dangerous as well.

The experts at Burson Equipment recommend the use of the Motorvac Cool Smoke machine. The patented “Cool Smoke” process does not use a heat source to generate its UV dye enhanced smoke. This machine produces a high density smoke immediately and the Motorvac Cool Smoke detection machine also does not require the use of nitrogen inert gases, as opposed to several competitor machines. This is an important point as it prevents the risk of possible internal explosive combustion.

Burson Equipment also advises the release of a new specification Motorvac diagnostic smoke machine that has been added to this premier quality range. The new Motorvac Cool Smoke HP 500-0150 leads the field with an operating rage from 3 to 60 psi. This makes it ideal for checking leaks within turbo intercooled engines with a turbo adaptor kit also included.

According to Burson Equipment customer Steve Vaiopoulos from Vops Automotive in Heidelberg, Victoria, “The Motorvac Cool Smoke detection machine is the best diagnostics investment I have made in the last two years. It saves so much time and increases revenue.”

When it comes to automotive diagnostics, the Burson Equipment team are your workshop equipment specialists for product quality, affordability, reliability and after sales service.

There is a national team of Burson Equipment specialists spread across a network of over 150 trade focused stores servicing over 30,000 trade customers.

Burson Equipment is your first port of call for premium quality diagnostic equipment from Autel, Cemb, Giuliano, PowerRex, G-scan Summit and Motorvac.

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