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Value Added Diagnostic Solutions from Burson Auto Parts

18 08 2013

Burson Auto Parts offers a vast range of value-added diagnostic solutions to ensure that automotive repairers are well equipped to handle the vast majority of Petrol, LPG and Diesel fuelled normal, medium or heavy duty vehicles.

All Burson Auto Parts automotive scan tool equipment products have been tested by the company’s own highly experienced mechanics as well as in the field, before being offered to Australian repairers in order to ensure delivery of the right electronic diagnosis tool for their specific or general automotive repair requirements.

At the top of the Burson Auto Parts scan tool offering is the value packed Autel Maxi-Das DS708 diagnostic scan tool. Features include seamless WiFi internet functionality enabling automatic software update from the Autel server, internet access for data information and  wireless printer connectivity. This scan tool runs with the simple Windows CE platform via a easy to read 7 inch color touch screen, full OBDII & CAN communication built-in module (no key or extra adaptor needed), along with broad & advanced vehicle coverage for more than 60 vehicle makes. Advanced Holden and Ford software is also included such as VR to VE key programming, module programming PIM and BCM lining for VZ, VY, VX and VT models and much more. Ford software covers AU to FG key programming, module programming, RCM, BEM, ABS, AIM, BPM, PAM and more. This is truly a quality scan tool that represents true value for your workshop equipment investment. More new Autel diagnostic products are available to suit any repair or collision repairer from all Burson Auto Parts stores.

Burson Auto Parts recognises that not all repairer requirements for diagnostic equipment are the same.  The Oscilloscope Finest 2 Channel Kit comes in a convenient hand held sized design, featuring inbuilt reference wave forms for fast and easy diagnostic comparison. It also features help menus that include sensor tips and hints, making this diagnostic tool easy to use and set-up. This Oscilloscope is also expandable with low priced options such as temperature probes and current clamps, while a four hour battery life ensures that the tool won’t let you down when you need it most. Prolonged bench testing is also possible with the use of a 220 volt adaptor that is also included.

Finding that missing electrical signal is a perennial problem for both collision and general repairers. Precious labour time can be wasted without the use of effective tools that make finding and accurately repairing these potentially complex electrical issues a relatively simple task. To this end, Burson Auto Parts offers the SXE-Logic Probe Kit that brings together multimeter and scope technologies in a very simple to use format. The battery operated unit ensures ease of vehicle portability and a bright LED spotlight ensures that probing in dark engine or undercar recesses is not a problem. The SXE-Logic Probe Kit also instantly back-probes ECU’s and sensors to find signals.

Burson Auto Parts has the right diagnostic scan tools, gas analysers, leak detectors, voltage meters, infra-red thermometers, test kits, code readers, timing lights, timing analysers, borescopes, fuel injection test benches, pressure testers and more. The Burson Auto Parts diagnostic range ensures that no matter what size or specialisation of your repair workshop, your business can be up to date and equipped with premium quality diagnostic tools that represent outstanding value.

To find out more about the Burson Auto Parts diagnostic tool range, find your local Burson Auto Parts through our Store Locator.

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