Burson Lubricants

Burson branded products are recognised and trusted by the trade for over 30 years. We deliver quality products and continue this with our lubricant range. Partnering with Australia’s industry leaders to develop a range specifically designed for Australian automotive workshops and technicians, with premium formulation while staying competitive. Our locally manufactured Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Coolants and AdBlue form our Select, Perform and Optimal labels.

Products in our ‘Select’ range are formulated as the everyday choice to get the job done. Our ‘Perform’ labelled products are designed to exceed, providing improved protection for your customer’s vehicles. The ‘Optimal’ range rivals other premium-grade lubricants on the market with its advanced formulation for protection, efficiency and longevity.

  • Made for the Trade

    Stocking your workshop has never been easier with the Burson lubricant range. Our range is designed to meet the demands of the trade, catering to vehicles serviced in workshops across Australia. This means you can streamline your inventory by stocking a few base lubricants and ordering as needed from your local Burson Auto Parts store. With our extensive network of over 210 stores and 1200 delivery vehicles, you can always count on a reliable supply of Burson Lubricants.

    Tested and trusted by the Trade

    Our range is formulated to get the best out of the vehicle. We go to great lengths in our quality assurance to ensure that each lubricant meets the latest industry specifications and standards. Burson Lubricants are formulated with a robust base that goes through refinement and improvement processes; additive technology is formulated to benefit the vehicle's longevity.

    Competitively Priced

    As Australia’s trusted supplier of after-market automotive parts, we want to ensure that your workshop is stocked with a lubricant range that satisfies your customers' needs and allows you to pass on savings to them. Our commitment to quality and affordability means that the Burson Lubricant range will keep your workshop moving for a fraction of the price.