Burson Community Update on COVID-19

Dear Burson Community

There is no doubt that we are in very challenging times and I wanted to reassure you that there is no bigger priority to us at Burson than our Burson Community.  We are already developing a number of programs that we believe will assist our customers and we are also working closely with our industry partners like the AAAA to keep on top of all of the matters that are assisting and effecting our industry.  This includes helping to ensure that automotive repair businesses are considered an “essential service” if we are forced into a Stage 4 Lockdown.  The indications are, as we understand today, that it is likely workshops will be allowed to continue to trade.

What Is Burson Doing?

  • We remain very focussed on our supply chain and are pleased to say that both our supply and inventory is strong.  We have plenty of stock!
  • We have and are continually implementing a range of hygiene and safety measures across our store network to protect our staff and our customers
  • We have redeployed our Sales Reps back into our store network to maximise the guidelines around social distancing.  Please know that our Reps are still there to support you but will handle most communication with our customers via phone
  • Again to maximise safety around social distancing, we have created a 1.5m zone around our front counters to ensure guidelines are met
  • We are requesting that all customers either place their purchases on account or pay by credit card – we are tying to minimise any cash transactions at the moment
  • All Burson Delivery Drivers are exercising all the hygiene guidelines set out by the national health authorities.  This includes a high level of sanitisation and “no-touch” delivery
  • We have partnered with TaT to provide you with regular videos on how to survive the Corona Virus Crisis.  The guys have done a great job on these and we recommend you take a look as we send them regularly by email.
  • Burson has also partnered with specialised automotive marketing agency, The Auto Agency, to provide a heavily subsidised workshop marketing assistance package that could assist your workshop to maintain or even increase business during this time.  Burson have negotiated a 75% discount on these packages for members of the Burson Community and some basic details are listed below.

Workshop Marketing Assistance Package

Burson has partnered with The Auto Agency to offer members of the Burson Community with a specifically designed workshop COVID-19 marketing package at a substantially reduced cost.  If you are a Burson customer, you can access the following package for just $250 (normally $1,000);

  • A professional video that communicates that your business is open, ready for business and all health authority guidelines are being met.  This video can be used on all digital marketing channels
  • 2 x professionally designed Facebook posts that provide details on “we’re open” and ready for business
  • 1 x professionally designed Facebook post that drives a marketing offer of why now is a great time to have a car serviced – further details are also provided on how to best post and boost this on Facebook
  • A letter that can be used to email or post to existing customers reassuring them of your current activities (hygiene, opening etc)
  • A website “News” or “Blog” article with the same messaging
  • A marketing checklist of things to do to during these times to maintain or potentially increase business
  • All of these items will be personalised to your business.  The team at The Auto Agency will send a follow up email later today about this but feel free to contact them directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What Can Your Business Do?

  • Remain calm and stay positive
  • Exercise all of the health authority hygiene practices including; avoid close contact with people with cold or flu like symptoms, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues, regularly wash hands for at least 20 seconds with water & soap and dry them thoroughly, avoid touching your face and mouth and clean and disinfect all surfaces you are frequently using
  • Meet or exceed all of the OH&S guidelines set out by Worksafe – further details here - https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/doc/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-employers
  • Visit the COVID-19 news area of the AAAA website for details on assistance packages - https://www.aaaa.com.au/category/news/aaaa-news/

The Immediate Future…

We are facing an environment where things are changing rapidly and there is little doubt that there will be further measures that both your business and ours will need to implement.  Burson, our people and our store network remain strong and are dedicated to supporting you.  Our commitment is that, as we are forced to make further changes, we will do so with the prime consideration of meeting the parts supply demand of our customers.

Craig Magill
Executive General Manager – Burson Trade

Burson Community Update on COVID-19