Full Speed Ahead – Burson Partners With FullBOOST Garage

MAY 1st, 2024

Burson Auto Parts is proud to announce our official partnership with FullBOOST Garage.

Established in 1997 in Victoria, FullBOOST is a prominent media outlet that covers automotive news and motorsport events from around Australia. On YouTube, they have 473,000 subscribers and 2,400+ videos totalling 220+ million views.

FullBOOST also owns a fully furnished garage which the team have spent many months bringing to life. Customers who sign up to be a FullBOOST Garage member can book a hoist for their car at any time, where they can use all of the garage’s tools on their car, as well as the advice and assistance of a mechanic.

Matched is there members lounge to be decked out and furnished with simulators, coffee machine and couches to relax and enjoy the automotive community.

As a result of this partnership, all Victorian FullBOOST members will gain access to discounts at Burson Auto Parts stores in Victoria when showing their membership ID number at the counter.

We are extremely excited to be a part of the community and see you at future FullBOOST Garage events.

Check out FullBOOST’s socials on Facebook and Instagram, and their videos on YouTube.