Melbourne Stores Back Cancer Rally

JUNE 12th, 2024

It can be all too easy to get focused on the hustle and bustle of life and forget to slow down and enjoy the little things, such as how precious life can be.

Cancer is a terrible illness that has affected many people in our community.

Here at Burson we are committed to helping those who are battling cancer. It was an honour for Burson Ravenhall and Campbellfield stores in Melbourne, Victoria to sponsor a rally car to compete in a gruelling interstate drive to Alice Springs. The rally competitions focus is to have fun but ultimately raise awareness and funds for charities such as Cancer Council Australia.

Beginning on June 14th in Melbourne, Victoria, drivers in cars worth up to only $1,500 will circle upwards into New South Wales and Queensland before concluding their journey in Alice Springs, Northern Territory by June 22nd. Endurance, not speed, is the name of the game. Drivers will need to travel across some of Australia’s most formidable roads that will test the limits of their vehicles.

Being able to service your car is essential for success in this challenge. That’s why Burson is proud to step in and offer support when needed.

Special thanks to Burson Auto Parts Ravenhall and Campbellfield team for supplying countless pieces of tools, parts and merchandise to their rally driver.