Airbag Man

Airbag Man, Australia's leaders in Air Suspension since 1995, has been instrumental over the past 25 years designing & manufacturing unique high quality air suspension systems to suit hundreds of vehicle types in the automotive industry from light passenger to heavy transport as well as industrial & agricultural applications. As a company we are well proven in working with large or small manufacturers or individuals on projects to incorporate airbags as actuators or vibration isolators. Our knowledgeable & prompt engineering department can help you bring your idea to fruition - we love helping our clients find the perfect solution.

  • Air Suspension Kits

    EASY LEVELLING CONTROL Airbag Man Design & Manufacture vehicle specific Air Suspension Solutions to suit a wide range of Light to Heavy Automotive Applications for Maintaining a Safe & Level Ride Height when towing or carrying load.

    On Board Air Supply & Control Kits

    We have a wide range of On Board Air Solutions from Paddle Switches, Electric Switches, Wireless Controllers, Auto Levelling, Dual Digital Airbag Pressure Gauges, Wireless Airbag Pressure Gauges, Air Compressors, Levelling Valves, Fittings, Tubing, Compressor Repair Kits, Air Tanks, Valve Blocks + More.

    Other Applications

    Since 1995, Airbag Man has been catering for a wide range of applications from Truck & Bus, 4WD & 2WD, Van, Trailer, Custom, Caravan, Emergency, Amoured, Campers, Industrial, Euro, Roadside Assistance, Agricultural, OEM, Fleet & Movie Special Effects.