AutoTest Products

AutoTest is a trusted brand offering long-lasting Australian Made testing solutions crafted with high-quality components. With a focus on durability, our products are built to provide reliable testing for many years. Widely embraced by garages, workshops, regulatory authorities, and service testing stations, our offerings cater to diverse industry needs. AutoTest's commitment to innovation shines through our new product development program, consistently introducing cutting-edge solutions that align with evolving automotive industry standards and safety regulations. Our flagship line-up includes the AutoStop Brake Testers, Workshop Pro1 0 tablet-based workshop maintenance tool, a versatile Gas Analyser, and the AutoLight Window Tint tester.

  • AutoStop Maxi Brake Meter

    The AutoStop Maxi Brake Meter is a powerful diagnostic and compliance tool specifically created for testing Service and Emergency brakes. It adheres to roadworthy regulations across Australia and offers measurements such as average and peak deceleration, stopping distance, test speed, and brake pedal pressure necessary for vehicle stopping.

    AutoTest Workshop Pro 10

    The AutoTest Workshop Pro 10 is a versatile device that serves as both a self-contained brake testing tool and an advanced workshop maintenance tool. With its specialized software, it can effectively test service and emergency brakes in a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, trains, buses, & farming equipment.

    AutoTest Headlight Align

    The AutoTest Headlight Align is a reliable and precise beam aligner catering to professional needs. It effectively aligns different headlamp types, such as high, low, and fog lamps, including XENON and LED variants. The package includes detailed assembly instructions, comprehensive operation and calibration manuals, and a declaration of conformity.