Bluechem Australia Powermaxx

Made in Germany and already well established in over 120 countries around the world, our Powermaxx range of technical fluids will not only deliver a valuable commercial return for your workshop, but also improve customer satisfaction with no additional time or labour. Powermaxx recognize that it's not just the effectiveness of our products which is critical, but also the reliability and compatibility of there formulas. To meet the rigorous standards of the Australian trade.

  • Injector Cleaning

    Injector cleaning leads to reduced fuel consumption, with better performance and reduced emissions. Bluechem states that independent testing by TÜV Thüringen on 98 Octane Unleaded Fuels (increase of compression and cleaning effect) verifies its claims on the effectiveness off its nano technology. Regarding cleaning and lubrication in unleaded and diesel.

    Engine Cleaning & Protection

    Bluechem has tested a variety of vehicles with various mileages and found that the combined use of its Oil System Cleaner and Nano Engine Protection products have delivered an improvement in compression and reduction in exhaust emissions "every time" and as such, recommends they be used with every oil change.

    Exhaust Cleaning

    Diesel vehicles with DPF creates the need & opportunity to offer a new prevention service solution for your customers. They should be encouraged to enter a preventative maintenance program in the workshop. This provides peace of mind for the motorist and allows the workshop improved customer satisfaction.