Champion Fasteners

Champion fastners product line is as diverse as it is robust, quality that withstands the test of time. Whether you're tackling a weekend DIY project, overseeing complex repairs in a mechanic workshop, or managing the demands of heavy machinery, we have the perfect fastening solution for you. Their commitment to exceptional quality makes them a trusted choice for mechanic workshops focused on long-lasting repairs. Champion fasteners aren't just components; they are long-term solutions for reliability and strength.

  • Master Kit

    Suited for extensive project requirements, Master Kits deliver a comprehensive assortment of fasteners, including various types and sizes. Trusted for their longevity, these kits are curated to serve professionals and devoted DIYers alike and are compatible with our Replacement Packs for easy replenishment.

    Assortment Kits

    These kits specialise in providing a range of sizes for a singular type of fastener. Ideal for projects that require multiple dimensions of the same fastener type, they eliminate the necessity of multiple individual purchases, offering a streamlined, focused resource and can be conveniently refilled using our Replacement Packs.

    Replacement Packs/Bulk

    Why buy a new kit when you can easily replenish the one you’ve already got. Simply refill your existing kit by purchasing the corresponding replacement pack, replacement pack part numbers are located inside of kit lids. Or if you need larger bulk quantities, we can help you with that.