Chemtech's range of washes, additives and degreaser products have been formulated & developed to meet the demands of extreme conditions faced by Australian vehicle owners. Proudly formulated and manufactured in Australia, Chemtech products are used extensively by consumers & throughout the trade and automotive industry. The range is quality, no nonsense & value for money products that are just Made to Work.


    Chemtech CT18 Superwash is a heavy duty vehicle wash, formulated to easily remove the toughest grease, grime & oil from a range of vehicles, it is pH neutral and safe to use on basically any surface.


    With a fresh citrus scent, Chemtech Aircon Kleen will deodorize and disinfect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in a vehicle. Breaking down germs, bacteria, spores and foul odours right at the source to ensure a clean and comfortable environment.


    Chemtech Workshop Heavy Duty Degreaser is the environmentally friendly alternative to solvent degreasers. The water based and biodegradable formula is great for workshop or general cleaning on engines, parts, tools or even walls & concrete leaving a clean finish.