Chiron Coolants

Burson, in collaboration with Chiron Coolants, proudly presents a comprehensive coolant range meticulously engineered to exceed the most stringent standards of quality and performance. Our Burson coolants possess exceptional thermal conductivity, enabling more efficient heat transfer and optimal engine operation. By achieving this, we extend the lifespan of engines and their components. Furthermore, Burson coolants enhance engine performance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Designed with precision chemistry specifically tailored for Asia, Europe, and the USA's leading vehicle manufacturers, our products carry the trust and assurance of over 30 years of expertise. Proudly Australian made and owned.

  • Burson Antifreeze / Antiboil Coolants

    At Burson we know coolant colour is irrelevant to its performance. The main factors in coolant selection are corrosion protection, scale prevention, cavitation resistance, heat transfer, and HSEQ properties. Engine manufacturers specify chemistries like OAT, Si-OAT, P-OAT, Glycerol, and Propylene Glycol. Burson provides coolant options aligned with these requirements.

    CoolCheck — Coolant Analysis Program

    The Coolcheck Analysis Program is an advanced preventative maintenance solution enhancing engine longevity, reducing downtime, and preventing equipment failure. Expert chemists provide precise results and actionable recommendations for fleet management. Comprehensive insights into cooling system performance, backed by a world-class laboratory and industry testing programs, enabling effective equipment issue resolution.

    Burson Additives and Customised Formulations

    Burson collaborates with Chiron Coolants to create tailored formulations for specific applications. Our expertise in research, development, and manufacturing caters to a wide range of needs, including coolants for Hybrid/Fuel Cell/Electric Vehicles, automotive additives, fuel treatments, and specialized heat transfer fluids for renewable energy sources like solar and wind turbines.