J-B Weld

J-B Weld has been a staple of every repair professional and DIY enthusiast’s toolbox and has been given the title of ‘Worlds Strongest Bond’ for a reason. No matter the problem there is a J-B Weld solution. Whether you have an important home repair, a broken part that’s hard to replace or you’re finishing off a one of a kind creation or build, J-B Weld has you covered.

  • Twin Tubes

    Our Twin Tubes are what started it all. These two-part epoxies are some of our most versatile products. With a paste-like consistency, Twin Tubes are great at filling gaps and cracks. Once cured, they create a permanent bond and can be sanded, drilled, tapped, shaped and painted. - OUR ORIGINAL EPOXIES - BONDING AND GAP FILLING - MOST VERSATILE


    J-B Weld Syringes deliver high-strength bonding in an easy-to-use applicator that dispenses the two-part adhesive in a precise 1-to-1 ratio. For convenient mixing, each product comes with a tray and stick. No other tools are necessary. Syringes are ideal for bonding and gap-filling. After curing, they can be sanded and painted. - HIGH STRENGTH, TWO-COMPONENT ADHESIVES - PRECISE 1-TO-1 RATIO - EASY AND CONVENIENT TO MIX


    J-B Weld Silicone Gasket Makers and Sealants resist high temperatures, oil and water to provide long-lasting solutions for automotive and home repair. - GASKET MAKERS AND SEALANTS - GREAT ADHESION AND FLEXIBILITY - 100% SILICONE – NO SHRINKING