Established in 1857, KONI boasts a rich history of innovative technology. KONI delved into suspension in 1932 with friction-type shock absorbers, later introducing adjustable telescopic dampers in 1945. Today, KONI designs shock absorbers to suit various vehicles, including passenger cars, 4WDs, trucks, buses and railway. Known for pioneering adjustable shock absorbers, electronic racing shocks, and patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology, KONI continually demonstrate that product improvement means product innovation. With over 150 years of technical expertise, KONI continue to develop high quality, top-performing shock absorbers for an exceptional travel experience for all.

  • KONI Special Active

    KONI Special Active (with FSD Technology) improves the handling, comfort and safety. FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) controls large vehicle body motions and corner forces while also smoothing sharp bumps and rough roads for improved comfort.

    KONI Special & Classic

    KONI Special & Classic are individually designed for earlier model and performance cars. These shock absorbers upgrade the existing suspension to give modern technology handling characteristics for unique and classic vehicles.


    KONI STR.T. This high-performance, entry-level shock absorber is designed to complement lower springs, making it an ideal choice for both OE replacement and vehicle enhancement. While it offers enhanced performance, it is a non-adjustable option, providing a straightforward solution for improved vehicle handling and comfort.