Raceworks products are designed for the Racing & Performance market, and are manufactured from premium quality materials to ensure the highest specifications and industry standards are surpassed. The range includes Hose & Fittings for Air and Fluid transfer, along with various components used in Fuel and Oiling systems.

  • Silicone Hose

    Raceworks Silicone Hoses feature 5mm 4-ply reinforced silicone plyester walls, handmade for durability. They withstand up to 348psi bursts and have a temperature range of -40 to +180°C, with resistance to UV, ozone and electrochemical damage. Note: Silicon hoses are not fuel safe.

    Performance Fittings & Hose

    Raceworks' 6063-T6 aluminum fittings are meticulously hard-anodized in black. They're accompanied by a wide selection of AN fittings and adapters, and come with a choice of 12 hose series, including braided hoses with rubber or PTFE liners, rubber hoses, and hard lines crafted from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.

    Fuel System

    Raceworks offers a comprehensive selection of high-performance fuel system parts, including in-tank and external pumps, inline filters, fuel pressure regulators, fuel rails and injectors. These components are engineered to enhance flow rates and compatibility with various fuels, such as ethanol and methanol, supporting modifications for high-performance engines.