TECHDRV offers high quality automotive products, backed by over 35 years industry experience. Sold through Burson, TECHDRV covers many automotive applications, including passenger, 4WD and commercial vehicles and most trailer types, offering reliable products for a safe and smooth drive.

  • Centre Bearings

    TECHDRV stocks a large range of Centre Bearings from leading aftermarket and OE Manufacturers. Centre Bearings are vital in supporting a vehicle's driveline and reducing vibration. Centre Bearings are ideal candidates for preventative maintenance as they can wear out from exposure to elements or debris.


    TECHDRV stocks an extensive range of Hubs for automotive applications including passenger vehicles, 4WDs, commercial vehicles, and all types of trailers. All TECHDRV Hubs are manufactured to the highest quality using high-grade steel material and relevant heat treatments to ensure smooth, quiet, and reliable performance.

    Wheel Bearing Kits

    All TECHDRV Wheel bearing kits are sourced from OE and leading aftermarket manufacturers, using high-quality materials and components to ensure a smooth and reliable operating life. TECHDRV stocks an extensive range of wheel bearing kits for passenger vehicles, 4WDs, commercial vehicles and all types of trailers.