With over 35 years experience, TECHPRT offers quality products to ensure the proper vehicle function and performance. Sold through Burson, TECHPRT offers an extensive range of products for automotive applications, including passenger and 4WD, to ensure a smooth, quiet, and reliable drive.

  • Engine Pulleys

    TECHPRT Engine Pulleys are OE replacements with quality and reliability at their core. TECHPRT's range of Engine Pulleys is sourced from OE and leading aftermarket manufacturers, ensuring they consistently perform for their required service life.

    Timing Belt Kits

    TECHPRT's Timing Belt Kits come with all components required to service and maintain the desired vehicle timing system, including tensioners, Belts, Pulleys, and Seals which are individually sourced from leading manufacturers. All TECHPRT Timing Belt Kits come with a warranty for the full manufacturer's service interval.

    Suspension Strut Mounts

    TECHPRT Suspension Strut Mounts are the perfect replacement to ensure your vehicle's handling and comfort is always balanced. The strut mount improves handling, steering, and comfort whilst simultaneously reducing noise, vibration, and harshness.