Blue Skies and Sizzling Sun at Geraldton car meet!

MARCH 14th, 2024

Burson Auto Parts Geraldton experienced clear blue skies and sizzling sun during last Saturday’s Cars and Sizzle, with the great weather bringing in over 200 attendees and up to 50 cars and bikes.

“The day went really well. I was pleasantly surprised that so many people found out this event was on and turned up,” said Geraldton store manager Tash Coves. Not only was the car park completely packed, but so were the nature strips on both sides of the street.

Seeing the local community of car enthusiasts and families gather together over their shared love of automobiles was a lovely sight. With a dazzling selection of vehicles on display, the public and store staff eagerly voted on the best car, with two lucky petrolheads winning prizes for their rides.

On a hot day, no Cars and Sizzle would be complete without a barbeque and an ice cream van, courtesy of the efforts of Tash and her phenomenal team. Special thanks to the staff of Burson Geraldton for taking the time out of their busy schedules to organise this event!

Stay tuned on our website and socials for the next upcoming Cars and Coffee. Connecting with the community is always our top priority, so make sure to check out our socials and website to keep up to date on the latest Burson news.