Direction Plus

Direction Plus products are designed to enhance vehicle performance and protect it from wear and tear. With easy installation and a range of sizes to fit any vehicle, Direction Plus products offer protection from all contaminants from water to dirt and even oil. Don't settle for second best when it comes to your 4x4 vehicle. Choose Direction Plus and experience the ultimate performance and protection.

  • Pre-Filters

    Direction Plus Pre-Filter kits are an innovative water separation system for diesel fuel engines which have been designed to ensure a high degree of water separation and particle pre-separation. All these kits meet the specifications set by leading manufacturers of diesel fuel-injection systems.

    ProVent Ultimate Catch Cans

    The ProVent Ultimate Catch Can kit ensures optimum engine performance, protecting against carbon build up and blockage that blow by gas causes. All filtration products in the Direction Plus range come with vehicle-specific mounting kits which are easy to fit for DIY enthusiasts or mechanics and don't void vehicle warranties.

    TransChill Transmission Oil Cooler

    The Direction Plus TransChill Transmission Oil Cooler Kits have been designed specifically to reduce excessive transmission heat from towing, off-roading and driving under harsh conditions. TransChill reduces the temperature of automatic transmission fluid, and can double the life expectancy of 4WD transmission and all internal components.